Jeanette Sheehy - Public Education Researcher

Jeanette Sheehy, Public Education Researcher

Jeanette's aim with this course is to convey rigorous, peer-reviewed, scientific research to those who need it most, in an accessible, supportive, and compassionate format. She brings compassion, determination, and personal experience to this project. With her creative and insightful mind she has synthesised complex medical and scientific information into a comprehensive course that moves you through bite-sized, easy to follow information, and leaves you with the ability to understand and navigate your medical care.

Oncogenomics Expertise:

"Working with Alex to create a resource that enables people to navigate the medical system with confidence, and an understanding of whats possible versus whats offered, has been a deeply fulfilling experience. So much more is possible with cancer care than we believe. All too often people learn about advanced treatments as their last resort, instead of as their first response. My hope is that by creating this course more people come to understand that medical science is a rapidly advancing field, and while Doctors and medical professionals are doing their best, the system is not able to incorporate these advances as rapidly as we hope. So much more is possible when you self advocate. The goal of this course, with the aid of Alex, Michelle, the Peer Support Team, and the staff at CTOAM, is to ensure everyone has the tools and information they need to access these lifesaving technologies - today."

Peer Support:

“I am deeply grateful and humbled to have been trusted by the Peer Support Team to share their stories. Their personal experience, and resulting expertise in self advocacy and navigating the health care system, is an invaluable resource to others. My hope is that by including their stories and lessons the medical and scientific information becomes real. Through their stories I hope you can see how the information and supports shared can help you move from uncertainty and fear, or abstract hope, to tangible actionable steps toward a more peaceful cancer journey, and ideally, full remission."

Close up photo of Jeanette Sheehy, she wears a black sweater, she has brown, long, wavy hair, she's wearing glasses, and stands in front of a wall covered in wall paper with tigers, peacocks, flowers and trees in an orange, black, and teal colour scheme

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