Michelle Morand - Clinical Counsellor

Michelle Morand, Clinical Counsellor

Michelle Morand is passionately driven to support people through their most challenging and stressful experiences by helping them develop critical thinking skills that support them to stay grounded, peaceful, and able to make confident informed choices. Michelle has over 25 years experience as a clinical counsellor supporting people through anxiety, depression, and trauma. Throughout her career she has focused on pioneering innovative approaches to make their healing both rapid and long lasting.

After a close family member experienced cancer Michelle turned her entrepreneurial and clinical skills to co-founding Cancer Treatment Options and Management. Her aim has always been to connect people to the most successful and advanced treatments available and provide then with rigorous peer-reviewed scientific data to support them in their healthcare decisions. Michelle believes that everyone who receives a cancer diagnosis deserves to have access to personalized genetic research – and to the best possible treatment for their cancer. And she is committed to making that goal a reality. As part of CTOAM’s client care team and goes above and beyond to provide prompt, supportive care and information.

Michelle’s course content will be developed based on feedback gathered during our pilot program. If you would like to benefit from her support, please let us know what kind of emotional and compassionate information would be most supportive to you as you make your way through the course content. Please feel free to write your thoughts in the comment sections of the course or to email us directly at [email protected]

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