Self-Advocacy and Putting Yourself At the Center of Your Care

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Lesson Summary

It was like you said, a very emotional time and it wasn't that long ago. And we don't often just sit around and talk about it. We've never spoken about this but I think what we both want to convey is when you're going through it in the traditional care center, like the traditional hospital and everything, it feels like you have zero control over anything at any given time. And I think - you'll hear the whole story - but I was actually in a coma when he made the decision to go with precision oncology. But I think that just kind of goes to trying to control something; trying to have a voice in what you are doing. And that kind of continued, not just precision oncology, but until today, we still try and control things based on some of CTOAM's recommendations actually. So I think - and I talked to a lot of different cancer patients who feel the same way about having no control over their life, the medications in the body, anything like that. So for myself, I think that'd be a very important message to convey. You know that you don't have control but you want some aspect of the process that you can better guide. So that advocacy piece is going to be a theme for sure.

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